MIR Profile Description

It would be more effecient for my field service technicians to have a brief description next to the MIR profile number of what the speed plan is on the STA side when selecting a profile.  This way they would no longer have to have seperate documentation of the MIR Profiles from the AP.


I like the idea. We will put iit in our feature funnel. Keep them coming.


I was thinking about this suggestion, and realizing that it would require transmitting the MIR descriptions from the AP to the SMs, it occurs to me that a useful (and likely far fewer programmer-hours) alternative might be to let us name the MIR profiles in the SM.  (at least until the communication approach happens)

I don't know about other ISPs, but every piece of gear that comes through here goes through my hands before the installers can touch it, during which time I update firmware and push some basic pre-provisioning to each unit.  (time well spent developing THAT perl script...)

For the way I work, naming the MIR classes on one SM /once/ and using that as the template for pre-provisioning all others would be a useful alternative.  Caveat:  you'd have to have a preset standardized list of MIR classes across the network, but we already do. (and I suspect most ISPs roll that way...)


Yes, it would be cool for this to reflect the profiles on the tower. My approach is very simmaler to newkirks. I could easily make a config and put all the flags in it, but at some of our towers there are different tiers available and it would be nice if the installers could just pull it down and get on with the install..

Related to this, it would also be very helpful if the SM status page(s) indicated the MIR up and down, not just the MCS up and down.


I also think this is a great idea !

This is a really useful idea. Why has this not been implemented yet? 

A similar request is here: