Mismatch in FCC id in CPI data

CPI data decode failure : Mismatch in FCC id in CPI data, in config the received from cnMaestro

Im getting the above message in the agent log when I attempt to do CBRS sync. Device type is 450i connectorized and correct. MSN/MAC are correct.

I did 4 of these from a Linkplanner export, three gave zero issue, the only difference between then was AZ/EL and device name/MSN/MAC so the exports are good.

Not sure where else to look.

I did open a support ticket but didnt know if others have seen this and know the solution

Just encountered this issue today when adding a new site and AP, followed everything previously done with other APs but this one CBRS just doesn’t sync.

This can happen if a radio is added with the incorrect model. Once it gets onboarded, cnMaestro recognizes that its a different model and changes it in the system. Hence the mismatch.

It can be corrected by deleting the device from cnMaestro altogether, re-adding it (making sure to use the correct model), run the CBRS Tool, then sync.

If you run into any trouble at all, or would rather support walk you through the process, please open a support ticket here and we’ll get right on it.