Missing post from old forum?

So… Did my post and correspondence about PMP 450 on FM towers disappear since this new forum format? I went to old URL when I was notified of responses and it says it no longer exists. When I google I find the post cached but when I click on it I get same error. I’ve combed through the forums and cannot find it !

Hi Hathan,

Some of the posts were lost in the transition as we had to cut over the database on a specific date prior to launch of the new system.  I am able to see the post you are referring to on our old server and I'm checking on how to port this individual post. 

Ok. Good to know I'm not insane.  I really like the new forum layout and the search is much much better!  Hopefully you can get those posts transferred because I was cooresponding with a fella about FM tower issues. Thanks,



All posts have been moved over and we captured everything you guys were discussing.  We tried to minimize the amount of posts lost.  Glad we were able to resurrect what you guy were talking about, it was a great thread!