Mobile Canopy??

So, has anyone tried using Canopy in a mobile environment?

For example, we work in an open-pit copper mine and we current have
802.11b work group bridges in the vehicles that associate to APs located
around the mine.

What I am wondering is, has anyone tried using a connectorized Canopy
in a moving vehicle? Would the protocol even support it or would multipath
be too much of an issue?

It’s just a thought…

i messed around with some 900 for a day. I put a mag mount on the truck with a short antenna aboute 2 inches tall with no gain. I drove around town for a while. went behind a hill and lost signal but it came back pretty quick. i got about 4 miles out and finally lost connection. i ran link tests all the way and they were acceptable. I live in the mountains so i dont think it will be very practicle but fore someone on flat ground it might have potential. Also with a high gain antenna might help. the only thing i see initally is the range setting in the ap if it tells the ap how long to wait for a response from the sm. if you set it too short you might miss packets if you set it too long you might have long delays on the units closer in. but i dont know.

This is an interesting topic. How can you set up a Canopy AP to broadcast to a moving vehicle and vice versa? I have an engineer that would like to get network access in his truck, but shy of putting a SM on his truck high enough to get signal from an AP, I didn’t think it was possible. Is this specific to a 900 Mhz setup?

not necessarily 900 but the nlos factor helps and the omni antenna helps. In my testing i used a mag mount with an antenna that ended up being only about 2 inches tall on the roof of my truck. The antenna had no gain. If i had ap’s with internal antennas when i drove by the tower the sm would have to drop off the ap it was on and register on the next one and the next and the next. With the omni i didnt have that problem. Keep in mind i live in the mountains so flat land like texas or oklahoma would probably have more range than i did. I was driving down the road doing link tests and getting 2 down. With the 900 you will have more range and more penetration.