Mobile Subscriber nodes


We have hundreds subscriber modules that move sporadically weekly/monthly. Is there a way to automatically pull a location from somewhere, for the map feature? We currently have GPS modules on these nodes, so ideally we would not want to update these manually every time they move.


Currently, cnMaestro only imports the GPS lat/long locations of devices at the time of onboarding the device into cnMaestro. 

  1. Can you explain your use-case a bit more?  For example, what radio hardware are you using for your SM?  You mentioned that the SMs have GPS modules.  So I assume that means they are Cambium models with built-in GPS, correct?
  2. When you state that the SMs are sporadically moving, is this like a campground, vacation location, where end-users only sign up for temporary service?
  3. When an SM moves, do you keep it onboarded in cnMaestro?  Or do you delete it and then onboarded it again?

Just looking to see what options may exist.

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