Model no:C050900P011A and Part no: C050900R151A

Hello everyone, I`ve just been given two of the subj radios and told to make them work. Unfortunately no documents were provided! A user manual or guide would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


Maybe Cambium could the model code as a keyword on the Search function on there main page then provide links to the user manuals etc :)

Hey JeanLui... welcome to the Cambium forums!

A quick google search reveals that you seem to have received a LITE ePMP Force 110 PTP link, designated for ROW (rest of world), and a US power cord.

The LITE designation means that while these radios have GPS sync and gigabit ethernet port capabilities, when used as an AP (access point) in a PtMP (point to multi-point) roll, they can only accept a maximum of 10 subscribers. You can remove this limit by buying an upgrade license. These radios are intended for use in PtP (point to point) links... however, as mentioned, they can be used for PtMP access points or even clients. The ePMP line is very versatile.

To find out more on configuring these radios, please take a look at the ePMP knowledge base HERE, and take a look at the documentation in the Cambium support area HERE.

Once you've taken a look at these materials, let us know if you have further questions and we'll try to help out as best we can.