Modulation Settings

New to cnReach N500. Just started playing around with them, we are a full service communications company and very well versed with other type of SCADA radios. Not really understanding the modulation rate setups and how the different combinations affect sensitivity and throughput. What settings are best for sites that have great RSSI and low noise, and which settings would you use for those farther away sites that don’t have great RSSI, have interference, and you need that extra “reach” to communicate well? We are used to radios that just have straight forward modulation settings like 125, 250, 500, 1000, 1200kbps, so all the different combinations are a bit confusing.

Also, do they ever have certification training here in the US and if so, where and when? The online course in the learning center is not available yet.

Hi Ron, there is a lot of flexibility in the cnReach radios and mod modes are one area that it may be overly complex. Each ‘mode’ in the radio is a combination of channel bandwidth and modulation. You don’t set the channel bandwidth separately.

If you have good signals and low noise floor and you are using the radios in 900 MHz ISM band, i recommend just setting the top 4 mod modes.

We don’t have any live cert trainings currently scheduled but i you want a quick run-down/overview of the radio send me a DM and we can get you connected to some support and the training materials.

  • Bruce