Monitor Mode : Cant See SSID and WPA2 keys variables


We're rolling out the first site of a multi-site project and have ran into an issue with how the system would be supported.  THe lowest level (read only) of user is Monitor level which is what we would give out 1st line support staff.

However, Monitor mode cannot see the configuration tab, which prevents them from seeing the variable settings that containt the WPA2 key for a network.  As such, they cannot confirm with the end user that their SSID / WPA2 keys are correct and therefore cant deal with basic troubleshooting issues.

Is anyone aware of a work-around that would allow a monitor level user to see the WPA2 key set on an AP

From monitor mode you can view "Unconnected Clients" this will display the SSID that the user tried to connect to and why the connection was not sucessful (for example invalid PSK).

While this does not let the support staff member view the WPA2 Key, it does let them know if the end user is selecting the right SSID and if they have entered an incorrect password.

Here is a screenshot to help you find this: