monitor voltage

it would be nice if you could monitor dc voltage for a remote site from the cmm. I have some sites that are solar powered.

I realy like this idea for the same reason - solar sites. Right now we install and RTU to monitor environment variables but the supply voltages would be nice.

Also, I know the temperature feature was taken away, but seeing supply voltage on the SM’s and AP’s would be nice. We have sites that have a single AP at 300’ AGL and would like to make sure the volatge drop over that distance is okay given different temperatures.


Now that is a good idea!

I agree this would be extremely useful. I’m not sure if it’s technically possible, but if it is, we could really use it.

We power some of our equipment with mind power and on occasion there’s just not enough wind to keep things going. We have found other equipment for monitoring battery voltage (we might end up using such as solution) but having it built into the APs or BH units would be great.

We power some of our equipment with mind power...

I'm gonna be honest with you Nathan, you have to share your technique for powering your equipment with mind power. Some days my techs barely have enough of that to power themselves... :lol: