Monitor wireless SNR signals of multiple APs

Hi All,

I’m working with a F300-16 SM and multiple 3000L AP devices. Each 3000L is configured with SSID as ‘Bridge1’, Bridge2 Bridge 3 etc.

When logged into the F300 locally I can see that the F300-16 initially detects each 3000L and updates the SNR and RSSI however once the F300 has a successful registration to a 3000L (say Bridge1) it appears that the SNR and RSSI of Bridges2/3 do not update and only Bridge1 will continually update.

I was hoping to use Monitor>Wireless (and eAlign) as an alignment tool however considering the SNR/RSSI is not updating once Bridge1 connects, I can only fine-tune alignment of Bridge1 and not check Bridge2/3 until manually triggering a rescan.

I have proved this on my end by changing the preferred AP WPA2 pre-share passwords on each bridge to prevent successful registration and SNR/RSSI continue to update as expected.

Running firmware

Any ideas why the SNR/RSSI values of other SSIDs/Bridges do not update when an alternate SSID has successful registration? Is it possible to force retrieve the SNR or RSSI value of an SSID without triggering a complete rescan?


First, I would move off to 4.7.1 or 4.8

Second, how are you pulling your data? Snmp to graphana or MRTG doesnt care about ssid, just IP/dns name and will pull the data without rescan triggering.

Thanks for the suggestion, will look into it.

Unfortunately I’m stuck on for the time being, updating it isn’t an option for me due to other project restrictions. May be able to get a test device with 4.7.1/4.8 running and see if it’s firmware related.

Currently using SNMP within a python script which prints the data from via . cambiumSTAConnectedAPTable

I have an entire network on 4.7.1, definitely consider moving from

That OID does not exist on epmp 1000 or 3000. please check it to make sure that you are using the correct oid.