Monitoring ePMP AP & STA via World Wide Web??

Hello all,

This is my first post ever on any forum so bear with me please :].

I am working with a team using the Cambium ePMP 1000 to set up Wifi to areas in third world countries so they too can access the internet.

We have made a test here in Colorado by setting up one of the ePMP 1000's with the dish (I think the Force 100) and assigned this as the AP. This one has access to Wifi. About 3 miles away we have set up another on top of a building with no Wifi. They are successfully communicating with each other!

Usually, one would take the ethernet cord, plug it into their laptop, enter the IP address '192.168.0.x', and boom, you can monitor everything on that webpage.

But what if you made this same set up in Africa and wanted to monitor it in the USA? Obviously one cannot plug the ethernet cord then (ha)!

Is there a way to monitor these devices via the WWW? I emailed their tech support and the replier suggested the cnMaestro.

Would this be our only option?

My brain is fried with experimenting and researching for hours on end, so any help is greatly appreciated!!

- Chris

Hey Chris, welcome to the world of forums,

You just need to give your devices a public IP address.

If they only have internal addresses then you'll need to be able to remote into a PC at the remote location then you can access them via remote session.

Either way your devices should be connected to the network so you should be able to get to the them.

The advantage of cnmaestro is you can view the details no matter where they are in a single console, but to access the phyisical hardware you'll need to utilize one of the options above.

Hope that helps,


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Ryo Thanks for your reply, I will try it ou after researching on those topics a little more.

Hey Chris,
Te voy a dar un ejemplo de lo que yo hice, tengo a los AP configurados como DHCP en la parte de network, lo que me permite meterlas en una red con una ip publica, luego les pongo un ip fijo y abro un puerto NAT cualquiera por cada AP que tenga como destino el puerto 80 en el ip fijo de dicho AP. Todo esto me permite poner...

Ejemplo virtual: o

En mi caso uso un Router de equilibrio de carga porque tengo varios proveedores de internet. Puedes agregar también los clientes STA de la misma manera, asi monitoreas todo en forma online.

saludos, Ruben Medina
Inf. Centro de Cómputos
Municipalidad de Bell Ville, Cba


Hey Chris,
I'll give you an example of what I did, I have the AP configured as DHCP on the part of network, allowing me to put them in a network with a public IP, then I put a fixed ip and open a NAT port any for each AP that targets the port 80 on the fixed ip of the AP. All this allows me to ...

Virtual example: or

In my case I use a load balancing router because I have several Internet providers. You can also add the STA customers in the same way, so as you monitor all online.

greetings, Ruben Medina
Inf. Computer Center
Municipality of Bell Ville, Cba

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