More efficient means of managing devices in CNS

I would like to see CNS continue to evolve into the excellent management software that it is, and to continue that evolution I feel like it would be of use to have the ability to tell a device to renew it's GPS from the radio without having to delete the unit and re-discover it, or upload a CSV.  Another feature would be better management for devices no longer in use.  What I mean by that is, if you do a new discovery let's say 3 times, and each time it recognizes that one of the devices previously discovered is not connected, it could possibly flag it for you and say, 'This device is now in maintenance mode', allowing you to take a closer look and find that it should no longer be in CNS or it's possibly offline and shouldn't be.  Also it would be nice to have the option during a new discovery to select if you want to detect generic devices or not.  Often times I'll do a new scan and have to delete a bunch of generic devices back out every time that I don't want managed by CNS.  Little features like these can go a long way in keeping the management software clean and efficient.

Option to reload GPS from SM would be definitely good and a for SMs without GPS data I suggest to place them to the asociated AP location instead of some global deafoult location.