More PTP links in the Azores

Just back from another trip to the Azores and I have discovered some more PTP links.


Flores, along with Corvo, forms the most westerly of the Azores islands and are therefore the most westerly point in Europe. Sitting in the middle of the North Atlantic, these tiny islands are considered amongst the most remote communities in the world.

Flores is quite a challenging place for radio communications. The main population centres are found on narrow coastal strips (Fajã) that surround a high central plain or Central Massif and are, bordered by steep inland cliffs in excess of 200m. Whilst communication along a Fajã is typically LOS, the communications between the towns that sit on these Fajã is blocked by the cliffs.

The picture below shows a back-to-back PTP650 connection at Miradouro Pico da Casinha which sits 400m above the main town of Santa Cruz Das Flores. Given the way the units are pointing, my assumption is this a relay point for a link to the other major town of Lajes Das Flores.

Ponta da Fajã showing the small town below the large cliffs that form a barrier to wireless communication

Mast at Miradouro Pico da Casinha 

Two PTP650 link that appear to be in a relay


Faial is part of the Azores central island group. It is one of more developed islands and is popular with tourists. It is also a well-known stopping off point for transatlantic sailors as the main port of Horta offers a large sheltered harbour.

Along the coast from Horta is a volcanic rock outcrop known as Ponta de Castelo Branco that is part of a nature reserve and a notable location on one of the many walking trails. It was while walking on this trail that I came across a small concrete building housing two PTP500 links and one PTP650 link. It looks like the bird life from the nature reserve favour the PTP650 as roosting site!

Ponta de Castelo Branco


Terceira is one of the larger islands of the central group. On the west of the island is the high point at Serra de Santa Bárbara that provides fine vistas (on a clear day!) across the rest of the island. Being a high point, it is also the home of a collection of transmitter masts where multiple PTP650 links are connected. These PTP links were angled towards one of the major towns, Angra do Heroísmo.