Moto backhaul 5.7's 7.07 software

hello all i have been afaid to upgrade the moto 5.7 backhauls to 7.3.6 software due to some issues that were discussed way back when.

are the rest of you using the latest software or are you doing the same as me and keeping the versions at 7.07

i have the rest of my network on 7.36.

have not made the jump to v 8 yet.


BH are recomended to stay on 7.2
I have one 5.2 on 7.2 HWS working perfect!

The main issue with upgrading is if the BH’s are co-located in the same band and running in software scheduling, one of the links will drop out. This would apply to all of you’re P8 BH’s that are co-located. If you have P9’s co-located you can upgrade them and run them in Hardware mode. This apply’s to 7.3.6 and 7.2.9. I think 7.1.4 is ok and 7.0.7 is ok. If you have nothing to gain by upgrading why do it?