Moto sold out

The change in ownership of the PTP and PMP portfolio does not imply a change in the core go-to-market strategy for these products. Cambium Networks recognizes the value you and our other PTP and PMP channel partners provide, and sees you as a key element of its continued growth strategy for these products. A transition process is underway to allow you to establish a relationship with Cambium Networks in order to continue reselling our PTP and PMP products. Both Motorola Solutions and Vector Capital are focused on a seamless transition process that will maintain your sales momentum.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

I remember the transition from Orthogon to Moto was not that smooth from where I stand.

From the info I have looks like there will be Orthogon and Canopy which is not a bad thing. Hopefully people will be a lot less confused getting information on the web about these products.

For me the most important thing is product support !

My hope is this step increases development speed.
I would like to see ptp600 consuming less power
allowing moderate ptmp to aggregate smaller backhauls.
pmp320 with lower latency and evolving toward
It needs a fast speedup in development to compete with
UBNT, MT, Radwin and some licensed gear.

I for one say HALLELUJAH!!!