Motorola Canopy and SCADA/Telemetry

Does anyone one know of a Modem that could be put in a Telemetry system to be broadcast over Motorola Canopy systems?


Does anyone have a solutions for a Telemetry/SCADA system working over Motorola Canopy?

ANY… suggestions… comments… or URL’s would be appreciated.

Thank you!


We do quite a lot of SCADA over our Canopy network. Our SCADA hardware is Ethernet enabled, meaning it has network ports and IP adressable units.

Most SCADA providers provide an Ethernet solutiion for TCP/IP communications.

What SCADA platform are you using?

I have seen RS232 serial to Ethernet converters on Blackbox’s website.

That may be a workable path.


we have looked into the RS232 and believe it will do what we need to do. We are using RTU 1300, 1500 and 1800 made from a company called D2 (squared) services. so you are able to use this RS232 over the Canopy network and it functions without any issues?

We don’t have to do the RS232 over ethernet because our hardware, Opto22, is Ethernet enabled.

I have just seen some RS232 to Ethernet converters on Blackbox.

Most SCADA system RTU’s use RS485 to communicate to the I/O points and RS232 to communicate to a local HMI computer.

If your RTU has another RS232 port, you can convert it to Ethernet and send over any Ethernet network, such as Canopy, for remote monitoring.



I am looking at a W1800 RTU, the RS232 port labled “Test” is an RS232 port.

Find an RS232 to Ethernet converter and plug in to this port and you should be able to come out of the converter to a switch or router to get the data on Ethernet.
Of course you will still have to configure the RS232 settings :9600,8,N,1 and your network configs in the converter.

You can test all this using a laptop.

Instead of connecting up on the serial port, you use Cat5 from the converter to the laptop.

Depending on the converter, you may need a cross-over cable.

Once you can communicate over Ethernet, you can put in on a Canopy network.


Here is one converter example. $100

Hi James,

Doing typical SCADA/Telemetry over Canopy is quite a bit more complicated than simply plugging in a couple of RS232 to ethernet converters.

Question 1. Is this SCADA system a Point-to-Point or Multipoint system?
Question 2. Is the Host sofware capable of polling via eithernet, or serial only?

If the host can poll via ethernet to a remote IP address, then it will be all good. Put in an ethernet to serial coverter at each remote site, configure the host to poll to the IP address and specify the TCP port and bingo bango, bob’s your uncle.

If the host can only poll serial, then you are in trouble. Essentially, you would have to create a sort of “tunnel” to each individual remote site from the host. This can get complicated. If in this case you were using modbus, you would need an ethernet to serial converter at the host end that would hold a modbus RTU address lookup table. When the host serial poll is received, it must recognize the rtu address, then lookup the destination IP address that would be in the lookup table. I have actually not seen very many devices that can do this.

Hope this helps.