Mounting Bracket Options for PTP 650 and PTP 450i

There are several options for mounting a PTP 650 or a PTP 450i.  See the following images and brief descriptions.  More information is available in the respective user guides.

The N000065L032A is included with each PTP 650 and is suitable for connectorized ODU's.


The N000065L031A is included with PTP 650 Integrated END kits.


The N000045L002A is recommended for most typical PTP 450i applications.


The N000065L030A is great for larger diameter masts and suitable for both PTP 650 and PTP 450i.

Extended Diameter_N000065L030A.jpg

The N000065L042A can be attached to the N000065L031A to allow maximum downtilt on a large diamter pole such as a streetlamp or telephone pole.

Large Diameter Extension Kit for Integrated Bracket_N000065L042A.jpg

The N000065L039 is the lowest profile bracket from mounting to large diamter poles.

Low Profile Large Diameter_N000065L039A.jpg