mounting high gain 3.65 SM

I hope these are on track for shipment end of February?

It looks like it uses the 450i form factor and would mount the same.  I know Cambium sells a mounting bracket for it, but did I read that some people were using the MTI bracket MT-120018?  Do the holes line up, or do you need to do some drilling?

These have already been shipping since December... I am not aware of any supply issues.

Personally, I would look no further than the $29 MSRP Tilt Bracket that we sell (N000045L002A).  It's a great design, and created specifically for this device (I have a "No Drill Gaurantee" if you use these!)

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We are talking about P/N C036045C014A for the SM, right?  I put in a "pre-order" a month ago, was told end of February, have not received yet.  Checking my other main distributor, they don't even have the P/N on their website.  I wonder if there is some mis-communication going on.

As far as the mounting bracket, the MTI bracket can be used as a wallmount, also I have a bunch from our Trango days.  And since my distributors are showing zero stock on the N000045L002A, something I already have is quicker than waiting for them to backorder.  I guess that's a chicken-and-egg thing, if no one orders them, they won't stock them.

Has anyone else received theirs?

Apart from ruggedization, what is the benefit of this SM?

Looking at the specs, the standard 36 450 SM with a reflector dish gives a combined 29 dBi compared to the high gain's 19 dBi.

Actually, with a reflector dish on the 3.65 SM, the TOTAL gain is ~20 dBi, roughly 1 dBi higher than this device...  we've received feedback from several customers that have tested these side-by-side and concur with these results.

The main benefit is the ruggedization, but the main reason that most customers requested this device was to be able to deploy where an offset reflector dish is unsuitable due to wind loading or aesthetic reasons (such as homeowner associations that prohibit "dishes").

Another potential benefit is due to the antenna beam patterns.  Some operators use this frequency band to overcome some path obstructions (resulting in nLOS or even NLOS situations), and the extremely narrow (6 degree) beam from the dish really limits any multipath or diffractive benefits of MIMO in the radio system.  This panel is about 11 degrees (almost double the beamwidth compared to the dish), and seems to perform slightly better in some of these situations.

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Ah, my mistake, I didn't realize it was a combined value.

Thanks for the response!

 I amended my post with a couple other benefits that we've heard about from folks that have used these so far.

I would encourage anyone else that's tried them to chime in, and let us know if you're seeing benefits from this as well!

That indeed looks like an excellent mount. I will just say this... I see the ePMP guys did away with the stainless on stainless with the Force200 hardware. You really need to consider doing the same. That's the biggest issue hardware wise that we've had with 450 gear, the stainless on stainless consistently and very inconveniently seizing.

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Although the pictures were of the original hardware (which is why they look a bit shiny), this tilt bracket and all hardware utilizes a dacromet finish (corrosion resistant process). You'll notice a bit more of a matte finish when receiving these now.

There is nowhere where there is stainless on stainless anymore.  We have been listening.

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That. Is. Awesome.

I'm guessing the slots in the sides are in case you want to use hoseclamps or those band things like on traffic signals?

But I'm puzzled by the slots in the back, what are they for?

Has anyone here received one of these, or are they mythical beasts?  If you have one, can you confirm the H/V SM works with the dual slant AP?

I have two of them. I don't have them installed yet, but I have tested with them. They worked perfectly. 


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When did you put in your order?  I think the call for preorders went out in December.  I didn't put my order in until mid January (via WAV), maybe I'm waiting for the second build.  I finally see the P/N on the Streakwave website, they don't show any stock either.

I ordered Jan 24th and received them within a couple of days. Did you order a large quantity? I think sometimes they will ship ones and twosies when they can't fulfill large orders. That's pure speculation though. 

Hmmmm, very puzzling.  I ordered 5 around Jan. 15, not really a large order, and I would have been fine with a partial shipment.  It's a pretty expensive item, we still plan on using the bare SM or a reflector dish most places, so I'm not exactly going to be ordering 100 packs.

I almost wonder if my distributor messed up and thought I wanted the ROW model or something.  There's got to be some mixup somewhere.

No doubt my order will come in while I'm at WISPAmerica.  And probably the wrong thing.  Oh, you wanted 5 of the 3650 SMs?  We thought you wanted 3,650 of the 5 GHz SMs.  Oxen?  We thought you said dachshund.

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I have about 40 of these installed (C036045C014A), 20 more arrived on Friday.  No real issues with shippments, other than being a little slow sometimes (these last 20 took about a month from MBSI-Wav).  But, we're in Canada.  We like these units.  Very light and easy to deploy - same hardware configuration as the PTP450i.

The mounts are fairly good.  I don't mind them at all.  Haven't dropped any hardware yet.  haha  No stainless on stainless which is awesome.  I wish the guys in the 900 PMP450i design group would look at the hardware that the other PMP450 group used for antennas, because the 900 AP sector antenna hardware is the worst to work with!!  Sorry, off topic.

For performance, we actually have seen the opposite of what is posted - the reflector seems to perform a little better in nLOS paths through trees than these integrated SM's.  At some locations, the reflectors give almost +5dB over the flat panel.

I suppose if they are harder to get, they are worth the wait for the nice hardware.

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Just an update, I received my units yesterday.  The distributor changed their order tracking software at some point, and my pre-order didn't carry over to their new system.  Meanwhile they had received stock from Cambium, and they shipped out what I needed.  Including the mounts.  But BTW, one set of holes in the MTI articulated mounts also fit.

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We're installing 3 of these today, replacing 2.4 FSK that had SuperStingers.  It's going well.  Only glitch is they came with 13.3 FW which I think is the one that broke alignment tone, we have been staying on 13.2.1.  Not sure if I can roll back the FW.  Not worrying about it since it sounds like 14.x should be ready for primetime soon.

Ken, you should be able to downgrade the firmware.  Just have only the older firmware selected in Manage Packages in CNUT and it will load that one.