Mounts Interchangeable: XV2-2X and XV2-21X?

Will the XV2-21X clip into an XV2-2X mount?

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Hi, the XV2-21x uses a slightly different mounting bracket and will not clip into the XV2-2 mounting bracket.

XV2-2 and e410b use the same bracket and XV3-8 and XE3-4 use the same bracket, but unfortunately the XV2-21X uses a unique bracket since the overall size is so small (155x155mm) vs. 195mm x195mm for XV2-2 we did not plan for the XV2-21X bracket to work with the XV2-2 and e410b. Going forward we are focusing on making more bracket compatibility across products along with some new brackets for different mounting options. More info will come soon on these items.

@uberdome just curious, how do you have the XV2-2 mounted? A picture would be worth a 1000 words :slight_smile:

I would also love to see slimmer mounting brackets so that it creates less gap between the ceiling & the AP. Customers love Unifi APs for it’s looks after installation.

Also, the ethernet port needs to be on the smaller side of the rectangular cutout, this will give more space for the cables to bend into the ceiling. With the present design, it’s very difficult especially with Cat6A cables.

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Hi Vineet do you mean for a specific Cambium AP or just generally? For our indoor ceiling mount type such as XV2-2, XE3-4, XV2-21X, XV3-8, and XE5-8 the bracket is quite thin and the flush mounting profile does support ceiling tile cable pass through so it is hidden. Can you share more details on what you would be looking for so we can see what we might be able to do with existing products or with new development. thanks

Hi Jim, I’ve two issues with all the indoor Cambium AP designs post mounting to a false ceiling, one is that it does not give a very neat flush look like the Unifi APs do, and another is the ethernet port is located at the longer side of the cutout which gives a very short space for the cable to be bent into the ceiling, it also makes the cable bend radius to be exceeded to the given standards. I’ve some pics to explain, maybe not very good qualities.

First on the looks, here is how Unifi & Cambium looks:

The Unifi, gives complete flushed to the ceiling look, no cables visible on any sides.
(Architects & End-customers love the after install look)

The cable is visible due to the design:

Second, the present position of ethernet port gives small space shown in blue line for the cable to come out of the port and bend. If the port is positioned on the shorter side of the cutout, it gives much bigger space shown in red.


Had pictures of E410 only, one site is pending for XV2/2 but the bracket is similar in design. Have ordered XV2/21 for newer projects and yet to experience the new bracket. But with the official unbox videos, it seems the overall thickness of the bracket has increased only.


The XV2-2X is mounted on a drywall ceiling. The electrician ran the cable and we installed the AP. I was considering switching a few of the XV2-2X APs to XV2-21X when they came out.

The client is currently using our demo gear until stock of anything is readily available. However, we can’t just leave screw holes exposed on this new construction by swapping to a smaller mount. It appears we’ll have to stay with the XV2-2X.


Thanks for the additional detail and picture.

XV2-21X is quite a bit smaller than XV2-2X (155mm square vs. 195mm square). It is unfortunate that the hole in the ceiling was made so large.

is the Unifi device on a ceiling tile or drywall type ceiling like our Cambium AP? The XV2-21X is a lot smaller than our XV2-2X and e410. For the cable can you use an Ethernet without the molding?

maybe even flat Ethernet cable as well would be less visible?

Jim, there are mixed issues here. The purpose of the original post was just to check about putting the XV2-21X on an XV2-2X mount. The follow up discussion is about general cable exposure on the XV2. The follow up discussion is not about how some cable is exposed when using an XV2-21X on an XV2-2X location, it is about how the cables are so clearly exposed on both radios when installed. I started a separate thread to ask about the cable path and possible hole exposure here:
Ceiling Mounted XV2-2X - Intended Wiring Path? - Products / Enterprise Wi-Fi - Cambium Community (

Regarding UniFi devices, they hide the hole completely. There is a cavity that is under the radio and it covers the hole. This results in a nice - clean installation.

I would consider the XV3 somewhat similar to the UniFi solution as the XV3 has a cavity for wires [although the XV3 still has a significant gap between the housing and the wall when using the ceiling mounting bracket].

Yes, alternative wires can reduce the visibility, but the wires and hole remain visible and exposed.

Thank you, Chris

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