Move/Split full conf to a new account

Hi, i need to split an account in two, moving all equipment to a new one. Is possible?

thanks a lot,

Michele Pietravalle

Hi Michele

It is possible and you need to first unclaim the device from source account.

Go to Home->Onboard Deivices->Unclaim tab (screenshot attached)

Once you unclaim your devices from source account, you can reclaim them in your new account later.

Please let me know if you need any other help.



ok, thanks. is not possible a direct move, true?

another question (workaround): can i change onbording Cambium ID? and if i change them, devices already onboarded with old Cambium ID still works or not?


Michele Pietravalle

No direct move is not possible when the old Cambium ID is configured in device.

Even if you change the managed device Cambium ID without unclaiming from cnMaestro, it still goes into old account.

For security reason, we dont allow changing Cambium ID once the device is managed. It has to be unclaimed with consent to be onboarded into different account.

We have a tool to configure Cambium ID in multiple devices by giving IP range if one by one is time consuming.


really interested about Your tool! thanks!

Michele Pietravalle