Moving to IPv6

Alright put your thinking caps on.

We are wanting to move away from our current upstream provider.  They are providing a wireless BH to the edge of our network and we are microwaving it to the rest of our towers.  We are wanting to switch to a fiber provider closer to our home office in order to get more bandwidth.  Our problem is that back in the 90's we didn't purchase our IPv4 addresses.  We have been renting our 6 blocks of IPs from them.  They are not willing to part with them and there just isn't any IPv4 blocks out there.  Our only option is IPv6.

The delema that we have is that a lot of our devices on our network are not IPv6 compatible.  IPv6 is all very new to us.  We are used to IPv4.  We are just throwing wild ideas out before we even give a final say on if we are going to change providers.  

Is it possible to translate IPv6 addresses to a IPv4 non routable address?  We are thinking of just assigning non routable IPv4 address to all our equipment and have it pass though something that would say hey IPv4 address goes with said IPv6 address.  Does such a unicorn exist?  Our network is flat.  It's not routed but we are willing to set up routing if need be to make it all work.  Also all of our customers have Static IPv4 routable addresses assigned to them.  Most of them are in their CPE's in Router mode.  Some are in their routers so they can do port forwarding for IP cameras. 

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I got my answers elswhere thanks for all those that scratched your heads with me. 

Are you willing to share your solution? What equipment do you use for routing?

are you looking at nat64 coupled with dns64?

generally, the world isn't ready for pure iv6

we're setup for dual stack and my person plan, once i see traffic fade to resonable low on the V4, i'll bring a /22 back for dynamic 1:1 

given the traffic split on my network, we are a long way off.    only seeing 9% of our traffic running on 6.

Are you taking steps to push your clients to ipv6 ready soho routers? Netflix and other streaming services are ipv6. 78% of our traffic was and i assume still is netflix. Hulu and amazon are on the rise and fast.

No specific pushing. Homes with ipv6 ready routers are getting v6 connection, but plenty of them are still natd by us (more than one device in the DHCP table) those that are getting v6 addresses are still very v4 Dependant. Lock your desktop to v6 only and have a look around. It’s scary as to what still don’t work on v6. Funny enough, and plenty others you’d expect to have moved already.

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