MRTG bandwidth graphs

i got MRTG set up to monitor the bandwidth throughput on each Canopy device and i’m somewhat confused about the traffic shown. some SMs have a graph on a scale of 0 - 2000 bytes per second, others are at 0 - 6.4 k, and others are 0 - 144 k… what don’t any show up to several MBps since the SMs are all wide open 5.2 devices? even our main BH shows 0 - 164 k, even tho we have a several MBps connection.

can someone help me decypher this data?


I know interface 1 and 2 are the RF and the ethernet sides of each antenna when the standard cfgmaker is run on mrtg, but which is which?

one is: Motorola-PowerQUICC-FEC
the other is: Canopy-Point-to-Point

just trying to edit this to make things more descriptive.


Hey Steve,
Interface #1 is the Ethernet port, Interface #2 is the antenna. At least that’s the way it is on the APs and SMs.

Also, MRTG defaults to modify the scale on the graphs to show the values on the graph. IE: if you’ve got a T1 and 3 days ago it was maxed out, but it has not seen more then 10 kilobits per sec in the past 2 days, then the scale on your “Day Graph” will be little more then 10k, but your “Weekly” will have a scale of the full 1544 kbs.

You can force MRTG to always have a scale of the MaxBytes[]: value by adding "Unscaled[]: dwmy" to the interface you are monitoring, or even set it as a global default for the config file. (replace the underscore in the brackets with whatever you named the interface (whatever is in the brackets for all the other options for that interface) ).

Hope that helps,

excellent! thanks.