MRTG like monitoring in 30 minutes or less

Continental Wireless has been working with NETic to develop a easy to use and configure SNMP monitoring package for monitoring complex Canopy networks.

Based on the NETic Overtime product, Overtime for Canopy (OfC) can be installed and configured for your network in under 30 minutes. Out of the box OfC reports received levels as both the RSSI numeric and as dBm.

OfC also tracks uplink statistics for SM’s by MAC addresses rather than LUID. This means that when your LUID sequence changes due to moves and changes in your system, or by an AP reboot, the uplink graphs automatic adjust, keeping all of your data points for a given SM together.

OfC comes with a default canopy configuration created by an XML template, but can further configured to display any Integer, Counter, or Gauge MIB instance, it can additionally automaticly extract any numeric value from a text string and plot it as a graph.

OfC can also be used to monitor any SNMP V1 or V2c enabled device in your network thought a simple command line command.

NETic offers email based tech support, and a free trial version is available for download. More information is available at and working systems can be seen at http://www.continental-wireless-solutio … ndex.shtml

Shameless advertisement… sheesh!

ahull wrote:
Shameless advertisement... sheesh!

Not really, if you have not gone through the agony of setting up a plain jane MRTG system then you probably don't understand what an advantage Overtime is for the typical system operator.

30 Minutes start to finish and you are watching your system 24/7 in a graphic format.

Claiming that MRTG is hard to implement (which I disaggree with) does not discredit my observation that your post is nothing more then you advertising your product/service.

I totally agree with ahull, MRTG is esy to implement, unless you are are a windows user then I would suggest PRTG either way, shameless marketing.

Cacti is that knowledgable ISP’s are using… I retired mrtg some time ago.

Cacti is a management system that sits on top of rrd, and makes it looks like the traditional MRTG charts, but vastly superior is nearly every aspect.

This thing looks quite sexy.

Is it easy to configure with Canopy, have you got any templates ?

I’m going to test it out.

Thanks george

I’ve been moving to cacti myself. I aggree, very sexy.

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