MRTG on PowerNOC

Hello guys,

I am trying to configure MRTG on a product called PowerNOC.
Its basically a complete software for managing WISP. I am unable to see the graph…which means due to some reason MRTG is unable to find the radio…any suggestions?? I want to manage AP, Backhaul etc…

I use powernoc and it is a good product. The support is lacking, however. To get MRTG to work you have to set the VPN between the subnet and master server. This allows the server to talk to the radios.

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Hi Donald,

Thanks for your response. My BMU is able to see the Radios without VPN…
I able to see Ping response graph but I am unable to see bandwith graph.
Do you still think VPN is mandatory to see the bandwith graph…?

My current PowerNOC MRTG settings are as follows:

What will be monitored?
Connection Monitor and PageMonitor
MRTG: Version 2

MRTG Interface to Monitor: (BLANK)
MRTG Max Though Put 10 Mega
SNMP Community String: Canopy
SNMP Version Version 2
Static ARP: On

Wating for Response…


Make sure port 161 (snmp) is open on the firewall

Here is the update:

Now my PowerNOC MRTG is able to see Motorola Backhaul ( Master and Slave ) radio

My settings on PowerNOC MRTG:

Connection: Monitor and Page
MRTG: Version 2
MRTG Interface to Monitor: 2 ( No idea what 2 means…but it works)
MRTG Max Though Put: 10 Mega
SNMP Community String: Canopy
SNMP Version: Version 2
Static ARP: On

This same settings was also confirmed by another forum user who is using the same type of devices but now my problem is that , MRTG is not showing any graph for my AP even though it shows my AP uptime So that means its able to see the AP but due to some reason not able to
retrieve the traffic information.

Any suggestions…Thanks.

When I talked to Powernoc, they said that without VPN that the devices could not talk. After enabling VPN, I started getting graphs.

Yea, establishing the persistant SSH connection between the BMU and the Billing machines is critical to the operation of the graphs and the rate plan provisioning.

To those who use PowerNoc, what features would you consider the selling points? or rather, what do you like about the software?

The database…

Don’t really care for anything else. The IP management, customer management, the database that everything runs with, etc etc etc… It all works great for our operation.

We have an extremely small segment of our system off of a BMU.

I use the billing machine to process billing for everyone that wants to ACH or CC billing, plus keep track of IP addresses (it can ‘dhcp’ an address for me) so that I do not have duplicates or gaps in IP ranges (think: public ip’s), track trouble calls, etc.

Thats about it though. BAM does everything else…

We have had PowerNOC pretty much since it was released, a little over 2 years ago. This billing side works great, and so does the BMU, but routing was lacking for the size of our network. We have approx. 1600 customers(90% canopy). About 6 months ago we put a Cisco 7507 router in front of and behind the BMU so all the BMU does is bandwidth provisioning. The worst part about PowerNOC is their support, it sucks at best, we have made due but have spent alot of time researching problems that probably would have taken their support 5 minutes to answer. After hours (when all problems occur) support is very hard to get a hold of. I would recommend PowerNOC but somebody in the company needs to be very familiar with Linux. Hope this helps!