MTU fica fixo em 1472

Bom dia, tenho um problema com 03 clientes que embora fixe o MTU em 1480 automaticamente fica setado o MTU em 1472 e embora tente ajustar de todas as maneiras e por vezes reiniciando o MTU fixe fixado em 1480 em pouco tempo volta a ficar fixado em 1472. São um cliente com elevate e dois com force 180.

Agradelço desde já.

Google Translate:

Good morning, I have a problem with 03 clients that although I set the MTU at 1480, the MTU is automatically set at 1472 and although I try to adjust it in every way and sometimes restarting the MTU set at 1480 in a short time it gets set at 1472 . They are one client with elevate and two with force 180.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Fernando_Augusto_Pol,
it is completely impossible to understand what you are asking with Google Translate. I suggest you to raise a support ticket. We have Spanish speaking support engineers who will help you to isolate the issue.