Anyone knows what could be the optimal MTU configuration for a router behind a Canopy link?

What kind of router? What type of core router are you using to feed the canopy network? What is that router’s MTU?

Our core has an MTU of 1500, and all our customer routers are set to 1500 as well. Although I have seen some of the Linksys routers lock up. I am not sure if it is due to the MTU size or not. Most packets are going to be less than 1500 bytes anyways.

Is a router Vanguard, ex-Motorola’s router. MTU=1500.

It is true most packets are less that 1500 bytes except in video apps, that is my case and the fact the Canopy radio packets are fragmented less that 1500 is the reason I’m wondering what could be the more optimal configuration knowing the size of the radio packet, which by the way I don’t know. If anyone have an idea please let me know.



I have been searching and searching for this answer. I have read that the wireless link manages the packet size to increase efficiency. So, what exactly is it? I would still like to know. Just because everyone uses the default of MTU=1500 does not mean that is the correct size.

So, I would also ask if someone knows what the optimal MTU size is for, in my case, a Netgear WGR614 router.


We had a lot of lockups on the D-Link and Linksys routers that we used at the subscriber end. We decreased MTU to 1490 and have not had any problems.