Multi-Grant Question

AP is running a 30MHz channel with 3 x 10MHz.

SM connects and is also granted 3 x 10MHz.

Later down the road, the AP is still granted 3 x 10MHz, but the SM has 2 grants revoked, leaving the SM with only 1 x 10MHz channel. What happens? Does it become disconnected from the network? Or will it connect to the AP and only use 1 of the 3 10MHz channel chunks?

I have the same question I have already had an AP get one grant suspended and it rebooted and changed the channel down 10 Mhz then when the DPA cleared it rebooted and reverted back to the original configuration. But I have not seen a DPA affect a SM in multi grant yet.

The SM will not currently connect. There is a pending feature request for the AP to follow the least common denominator of SMs.