multicast bandwidth doubled when over the air

so interesting issue here.  

seems are multicast data is being doubled over the air, or atleast reported that way.   I see the same 6mbps rate over the air on 3.5 also. 

the pps makes me think this is falsely reported somehow, but it's being counted in the QoS and is being throttled down causing stream issues.  

being the max MTU is 1700, 300 pps can't reach 6mpbs.  figured its hopefully a false report or calculation.  I have not been able to determine if its also taking up double the frame time, this ap is active with other subscribers. 

its 3mbps into the AP, and 3mbps out of the SM, but counting as 6mbps over the air on 3.5 firmware as well. 

using reliable multicast,  and leaving the multicast tagged in a VLAN and stripping at a router after the cpe if it matters somehow. 

Hi Chris,

It is statistics related issue.

It will be fixed in the next FW release.

Thank you.

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