Multiple E500 on one Subscriber Module?

Currently our network is configured with one E500 AP for Each ePMP Force 180 Subscriber Module.

Can I add more than one E500 on a given Subscriber module? 

If I can, do I need to add a switch or am I able to daisy chain one E500 to the Next?

What method would be the best to use if possible?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I am new to this so, please be kind to me!


Yeah, one way to do this would be to use the E500's 2nd ethernet AUX PoE out to power the SM... and then use the first port with PoE in to daisy chain to another E500, you can keep doing this on down the line. This would prevent you from having to use any switches, and would reduce your required PoE's by one unit. The E500's ethernet ports just act as bridge with the wireless interfaces unless you configure them otherwise. Also keep in mind you can only power a second device off of the AUX PoE out... you couldn't for instance, provide PoE in to just one E500, and then just daisy chain a bunch more E500's off that one radio. The E500 power supply is only rated for a maximum of 30W.

One note, be sure to set the aux port output of the E500 to for the correct PoE standard you're tyring to use. The E500 aux  port is capable of Canopy 30V power out for devices like ePMP SM's, PMP450 SM's, or 802.3 standard power out for PMP450i SM's or 802.3 standards based devices.