Multiple XH2-240 going down over the last few months

We currently have about 6 XH2-240 that are down. The light on all are green, they have injectors. They appear offline on the cloud. It did not happen all at once but they all seem to be having the same problem. Has anyone experienced this?

When your XH2-240 devices appear offline in cnMaestro but display green lights, it typically indicates a communication issue with the cnMaestro cloud, rather than a hardware malfunction. To resolve this, check network connectivity and ensure cables and injectors are working correctly. Restarting the devices might help. Verify that firewall or security settings are not blocking communication with cnMaestro, and ensure device configurations, including the cnMaestro URL or IP, are correct. Consider updating the firmware if it’s outdated. Review cnMaestro logs for any specific errors and use its diagnostic tools to check device status.