I've been designing my own CMM5 for a while now.  Gigabit, sync for ePMP (w/sync), 450, 450i too.  Run 12v to the site monitor and 48v to the sync injector. If more than 4 radios needed, then daisy chain another sync injector.  Works fine.  


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NICE!!!  I'm still waiting to hear about Cambium's CMM5.  I posted a question in the PMP450 forum and no one replied.

If you have a SiteMonitor Base-II, then it will take 10-60VDC. So no need for the additional 12V supply. Unless of course you're using that for utility power monitoring, which is what I do, but input-1 still gets whatever my common DC rail voltage is. Next problem is those mixed 24 and 48 volt sites, but Forrest is working on his universal dual-voltage rail PowerInjector + Sync modules, which are going to be awesome.

Packetflux site says to not power the site monitor gear with anything over 40v so I never tried 48v.

I always have those 12v power adapter lying around so I just cut the pigtails and wire it up with 12v.  

Once we migrate totally off older canopy stuff, we will be done with 24v.  I suspect that is the direction this mysterious CMM5 will head towards as well.  

You scared me for a second! Most of our Site Monitors are 48V. I just checked again, the Base Unit II can take up to 56V

Well, I guess that's good to know.  Now I can just start buying 48v rail power supplies.  Even better!