My first ePMP tower site

At this site I decided on doing ABAB channel layout to minimize spectrum use and increase coverage service range.  I am co-located with AT&T and Sprint.  We will operate in both 2 GHz for nLOS and 5 GHz for LOS and much higher bandwidth offerings.

An interesting challenge to this installation was power.  We had no reasonable way to provide utility AC power at the top and running 12+ cat5 (4x backhauls and 8x APs) up the building was simply out of the question.  As Nextel had vacated the location, the property owner gave us permission to use their equipment to our desire.  We decided on using one run and carrying 24vdc to all of our equipment at the top - one little box for switching, routing, power and sync.  All equipment is using the same power source.

We have finally put our first customer on this tower.  At 7 miles in the 5.1 GHz band the customer was getting these speeds very consitently:


51.343 Mbps


18.799 Mbps


APs Installed:


Testing the APs from the office (nLOS but still great speeds):


Customer shot:


Hi, What type of sector you have used for the epmp1000? I see two radios on the sector?

what a privilege do you have with this configuration ?

As i understand the benefit of using 2 AP's of ePMP is  fault tolerant on Sector and/or double  the number of SM's you can attach without the need to reserve more space on tower.

Goog too for migrate existing customers with other solutions from Ubiquiti or Mikrotik to ePMP.

What traffic are you carrying? any streaming video?

The link to the sectors I believe is correct.

The two APs on the one sector is dual band - 2 and 5 GHz.  2 goes to nLOS customers where 5 doesn't work.  I have 5 GHz at 20 MHz channel to double AP capacity (2 GHz is 10 MHz) which gets me upwards of 100 megs aggregate.  Dual band sector means less vertical real estate consumed.

We are putting customers on this tower now, I can only assume they're all doing Netflix =)

Hi Jluthman,

Have you configured the basestation as Asyncronous. just want to find out the huge difference in Up load to download .



Hey mate,

Can u pls give some pics of the battery pack you are using to power the radio (the cordless drill battery) can u tell us where you got those from.


I'm using 75/25 split.  I do this so I can sync (if you do flexible mode you can't sync!!!)

The battery pack is home made.  I made it out of steel and JB weld.  I got the switch on top from a local electronics store so I can switch between polarities.  The voltage is just straight off the battery, which is 18v.  I've used it for many brands of equipment successfully.

Do you have any interference with AT&T and Sprind devices? how much floor noise level?

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Are those 2.4 GHz antennas duel slant and duel liner 5ghz ??? The 2.4 epmp is duel slant, if the ap doesn’t match your missing on 10+ db link budget

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We have had nothing but bad luck with IT Elite sectors. Actually just got done pulling some more down from our towers. We have seen signals improve up to 10dbi just by purchasing a higer quality antenna. I can't speak for the one you are using as we have not tried it. The specific antenna I am talking about is this one .  To be fair we use a fair amount of thier cpe antenna's with no problems. Just giving you a heads up in case you don't see signal levels where you think they should be. 

On the flip side let us know if they seem to work out well, as it is a very cool antenna if they do!

No noise with Sprint or AT&T, at least I haven't had any problems.  The tech that was working to activate Sprint's gear was there the other day to light up their LTE right as we finished.

The sectors are all dual linear.  There is no slant anywhere.  Note that the OEM sector is slant while the integrated CPEs are still linear (it seems backwards, but they decided to do that).

The 5 GHz end of things I've been very happy (as noted in the first post as far as distance, speed).

Where do we find this antenna?

They're hard to find nowadays but anyone that sells IT Elite would be the best place to start.

Josh, how do these compare to UBNT, we are considering a migration ourselves, determining whether EPMP is a better path then the new UBNT gear sets. Voice quality/throughput/scalability are what we are after.

The radios post deployment seem to be far superior.  I'm moving people over from FSK APs and some Ubnt APs and have nothing but improvements.

When it comes to scalability I think sync is a requirement - ePMP has it.


Hi Josh,

How is your ePMP equipment performing in the cold?

Josh   Where do you get the dual band sectors?  Are you seeing significant signal loss on the edges of the sectors?