My first lab tests - amazing!

Hi there!

Recently i bought an ePMP1000 with GPS and a pair of SM.

The first tests is in a little room, distance from AP and SM is too short: 10 meters. Yes, i know that isn't a real scenario but is just for test.

Config on AP: 40Mhz channel width and all rest of config by default.
Config in SM: all by default settings.

Snapshot 1: Running wireless test link from AP to SM: 223Mbps aggregate. W0W!
Snapshot 2: A summary SM config. Link Quality & Capacity 99% and 100%.
Snapshot 3: Running wireless test link from SM to AP: the same result.

So, i like try bandwith using other third party tools ( for example like btest from Mikrotik ). Results are amazing!

The SM POE port, is "only" 10/100Mbps, so when i execute bandwith test has 95Mbps while running test, stable.

Summary: At the moment, great buy. In a few days i'll try outside test


That's great! Let us know when you have more field test results...especially when you connect end customers.


Sure, when connected end customer i'll post results in next week.

Today has been installed sector antenna on a tower. To deploy a good link first of all i need run spectrum analyzer for some hours.

Capture 1: from 5200Mhz - 5400Mhz
Capture 2: from 5400Mhz - 5600Mhz
Capture 3: from 5600Mhz - 5800Mhz
Capture 4: from 5800Mhz - 5970Mhz

In capture 4 show a clear spectrum, but in Spain can't transmit on this frecuency.

So, my question is ¿What frecuency is more clear in my environment? Maybe between 5400 and 5470Mhz?

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Hello kbzajunior,

Yes, that seems to be your best option, between 5420MHz and 5470MHz. Can you use those frequencies? The rest of the spectrum is pretty much used up.

Good luck!


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What were your real world in the field tests? We have seen great SM to AP tests but no place near that on testing speed to our speedtest server or to the Internet. All tests were UDP.  We would get a test AP to SM of 115Mbps but then on actual test over the wire only seeing 9Mbps or 10-15Mbps at best. Would be great to know what youre seeing outside of the LAB...