My initial thoughts on the e600

I just realized I had written this a while back and never posted it lol so figured I'd drop it I think it was from a few minor releases ago though so I probably need to take a look at what's changed.

All said, the units been working great and I think Cambium is onto a solid product, its got some growing to do and some polish perhaps but it's soooo much further along than I thought it was before I received it. 

The Pro's

  • Sturdy enterprise looking packaging.
  • Think it's a very nice unit feels like really sturdy plastic construction.
  • Multiple mounting options (plate vs screw hangers spots) is a nice option
  • Thankfully uses the much nicer and more modern webui that we're seeing in cnPilot and ePMP and not the archaic PMP450 UI.
  • Love the option to "Prefer Non-DFS" you'd be shocked how many radios I've run into that miss this preference.
  • Great flexibility for the Layer3 side, love seeing that they have some pretty in-depth coverage and support for L2/L3 options, even having PPPoE is pretty impressive.
  • I'm pretty sure the radius configuration on the cnPilot is better than my PMP450 AP's even, like the option to set Server Pool modes, and accounting modes. Seriously how is it enterprise wifi has these but not PMP450???
  • The configuration of the unit was very smooth in standalone mode, maybe some more "hints" for what various settings mean would be great.

To Improve (minor things/comments)

  • Why does adding a WLAN need me to specify a wlanid? Seems silly to be manual? And being manual why show non-available id's?
  • System/Radio is nice showing the neighbors, but when set to auto, it doesn't actually show the channel the radio is currently on?!?!?
  • Best practices not by default? Things like OCS, AutoCS, AutoRF, are disabled by default?
  • Labeling could be improved, I'd really like to see them add default IP/username/password to the on unit labeling.
  • No default WLAN configured, mostly a preference issue because I didn't have a laptop with ethernet present but having a default WLAN provisioned would be nice for doing initial config.
  • Oddly theirs no feedback if the UI isn't capable of reaching the AP, I accidentally disconnected from the AP and clicked save went to next page clicked save, went back nothing was saved, then realized I wasn't connected to the AP anymore. Their needs to be improved feedback, I love that you're moved toward SPA interface, but interactions especially failed ones need feedback in the WebUI.
  • cnMaestro Managed Roaming does this not also work on autopilot without cnMaestro as part of just autopilot?
  • Clarity on the WhiteList for Captive portal, does this box support wildcards/subnets? It will accept them but if they work or not isn't shown on the box.
  • Firmware update page should check and show if there is an update available from cambium, and allow direct upgrade vs manual file loading.
  • Firmware page should be showing the current running information.
  • Bluetooth beacon, this is becoming a more important feature for especially indoor enterprise deployments would love to see it in future releases.
  • No local monitoring options (graphs) for data transfer, clients, etc (historical). At least 24hrs?
  • Would like to see some DPI information about the connected client and overall traffic currently
  • WLAN Guest access LDAP example for LDAP adminDN example is missing a comma CN=<NAME>OU=<NAME>,DC=<NAME>,DC=<NAME> missing comma before OU, does LDAP.
  • Why is LDAP under services, instead of in the WLAN, does this mean only 1 LDAP/AD server is supported on the AP, what about if we have more than 1 LDAP or AD domain we need to target per WLAN?
  • WebUI login would be nice if it could be configured to authenticate against LDAP/AD/Radius.

Thank you for taking the time to post such a detailed analysis.  We really appreciate the feedback and are reviewing the various areas of improvement.

Some of these you should start to see in future software releases soon, especially some of the UI/usability enhancements, BLE and DPI.

Clarifying some of the feature related questions:

- cnMaestro managed roaming is not supported in autopilot mode. It does need hte cnMaestro controller to function.

- the captive portal whitelist does take wildcards, we'll clarify that in the UI help

- we do support only one LDAP server at the moment, across all WLANs, for AD authentication (hence this is outside WLAN config). We'll revisit if this can be made flexible in the future (per-wlan)

- showing latest fimware (& allowing a click-thru-upgrade) would indeed help usability, we're reviewing this (it is more involved than cnPilot alone though, as the support site download page requires login).