My Prizm Progress

After some complaining and playing around we have successfully installed Prizm onto a windows machine. We attempted to install initially on Gentoo which doesnt have support for the latest JVM. We then tried to install on Solaris which has recently become free to download so that made it attractive but were unsuccessful. With a little more time we are confident we will have this running on Solaris, but with only 30 days we needed to get it up and running ASAP.

Currently its running on Windows Server 2003 connecting to an external Postgres database. When trying to log in and use for the first time my advice is to use the log files that it creates and it basically tells you where it crashed. The log files are generated and placed in C:'canopy’Prizm’logs and are very useful.

I have entered in our network files nicely (imported from CNUT) without any problems and I have played with the auto discovery. My next phase is to accept these elements into the network in order to start monitoring and changing things. Im a little apprehensive to do so in that it apperantely rips through and changes what needs to be changed.

What Im hoping to relate to the Canopy community is features that I have successfully implemented as they come about. I know this is one of the main questions about prizm is “What can it exactly do?”. Please don’t email me with questions like “Can you set mine up for me?” because this has happened before and I dont have time to anything like this. I hope this is useful.

Well I have had some more time to play around and have accepted a segment of my network into the program and it did indeed rip through methodically and transfor any settings that were not right to the settings I specified. It also assigned IP addresses to the proper fields in the SM’s. I am having some difficulty discovering SM’s that are attached to 2 of my AP’s, I have not yet firgured out why.

I have set up some pre-defined alerts and some of my own custom alerts. They seem to be functioning as required. The graphs seem to be generating some data however Im not sure if its accurate but it sure is pretty! Keep in mind we dont have any graphing (eg MRTG, Cacti etc.) so this is looking pretty good to me.

Next I will be playing with the notification part of it, trying to get it to email me on my phone if AP’s or BH’s go down but not SM’s. I dont need my phone buzzing every time someone shuts their power bar off at night.

I guess Im not really giving much technical how-to’s with this just because every network is going to be different. I do plan to post my alerts and custom configs once I get them where I want them if anyone would like to use them. I am also compiling a list of bugs to be fixed and features I would like to see.

I have ordered the license for this and I invite anyone who has more than 500 and planning on having 1000+ customers to look at this product.

thanks for posting your progress. I am considering this.

any updates to this package? Worth it?
I am gun shy with any new overpriced programs from Canopy after my BAM fiasco

Just wondering. Did you eventualy deploy Prizm on Solaris too? If yes, then could you please give a brief summary of this process.

Thanks in advance :wink: