N to N Connectors


what are people using to seal the N to N connections on PMP 450 AP's?  we are having issues with damp/water getting into the connection and killing the throughput and or the horizontal and vertical.  i have been using the Self-amalgamating tape but i'm not sure if it is sweating causing damp or how the water is getting in there.

any suggestions?




I'll have one of our support team members PM you with shipping instructions if you'd like us to look at one of the APs in question.  

Self-amalgamating and PVC tape are required to weatherproof the RF connectors.  Below is a link which walks through the process. 



We always use rubber (self amalgamating/vulcanizing) tape, and vinyl electrical tape over top - always starting from where the water will come from (usually the top), we do two full layers of rubber tape (Scotch/3M 130C) and then 2 full layers of electrical tape (Scotch/3M Super 88).  The only ones we ever see leak are the ones we had to do in -30°C when the tape wouldn't stretch as well.  haha  Taping the connectors on the 3.65 GHz AP sectors is a pain in the ass.



we have always used Self-amalgamating and PVC tape on top but it is impossible to seal the PMP450 Access points.  The design does not allow you to completely seal the unit no matter how much tape is on there.  we are returning 4 faulty PMP450 Access points due to water ingress.  The casing on the unit seems to have some reaction with the connectors when it gets wet.  we have never had this issue with the PMP450i because they are better designed.

anyone else having these issues?


If engineers had to climb towers/risk their life because it rained, I suspect they would begin to hide the connectors under a cover or door.  Since they don't, this type of thing will continue.  :-(

We have had good luck using butyl. Its the only thing that will really conform to seal around where the connector meets the ap. We do a courtesy wrap with vinyl tape, butyl wrap, then two wraps of vinyl tape. If done properly it lasts for years.

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Do you have any link where to get the tape in EU?

Anyone used 3m cold shrink? Demo I saw of the stuff seemed pretty impressive and some lte guys swear by it.


I found this, something similiar should do: