N500 450 MHz hub sector antenna 90°


I search some reference of 90° sector antenna UHF (450 MHz), to build a hub of N500.

Do you have some type and maker reference ?

I use the subscriber N500 with Yagi antenna.

Thank you .


Hi Alain,

unfortunately, we're not aware of a good solution in a 450 MHz sector antenna.  Perhaps someone else on the community will know of one to recommend. In the meantime we offer both an omni and a couple different yagis for this band.

Depending on the application, the yagi can be used as a directional sector of about 40-60 degrees beamwidth.  And by rotating polarity (H in one direction; V in the other direction) you can get excellent front to back performance in a co-located scenario.

In the meantime, we continue to survey the market for a suitable traditional sector.

- Bruce

KP Performance has some sectors and yagis around that band (470MHz). While I've never used their antennas for that band, I've used their antennas for 900MHz applications and they work very well.

Hello Bruce ,

Thank you. I will search and try to find and test some antenna.


Hello Eric,

I have found this type :

470 MHz-698 MHz, 65 Degree Sector Antenna, 12.0 dBi, 2-Port, H/V Pol

I will send an email to their support.

Thank you,