N550 ISM Only Questions

Greetings. I just received my first batch of N550 ISM only radios.

As this is an industrial radio, I’m surprised and disappointed so far but maybe you can clarify.

  1. All plastic case. Not a big deal but again, this is an expensive unit in industrial environment. The manual for the N550 shows the same case as the N500 but this model is very different. I realize the price point is a little less but still surprising.
  2. SMA connector vs TNC. Also has a cheap piece of plastic that covers it and one the very first unit, the cover is cracked with a piece missing. Again, looks a bit shoddy.
  3. The ethernet firmware is newer than on the Cambium support site. 0.26360-2671 (radio) vs. 0.26058-2403 (Support). When will it be updated.
  4. The highest speed is 2651 8PSK whereas the N500 and N550 manual shows 3 additional modulations.
  5. The N550 manual online has no mention of the ISM only model and there is no N550 spec sheets to be found. At least I do not see them on the cambium site.