Does anyone here use nagios for monitoring? Do you have any setup tips or templates you could share?

We use it to monitor our network, I know there are a lot of solutions out there, but it has been the most stable for us and the plugin support for various service checks is one of the most extensive.

Which configurations are you interested in? The base nagios.cfg or some of the element configs?


Basically looking for some of the element configs like host and service profiles that you apply to your SM’s, AP’s and backhauls. I am actually using Groundwork Community Edition which is a very nice frontend to nagios along with Cacti for performance graphing. I currently have it all setup to Monitor and call out with SMS using a modem and my providers TAP gateway so I can still receive notifications even if a backhaul or uplink is down.

I’m just not sure what all checks I should do and what not. I’m still pretty new to nagios and trying to figure it out. Also do you do anything with escalations?


We’re working on using Groundworks as a base for what will basically be a Prizm replacement for us. We’re charting power and jitter, and we’re working toward a way to chart AP side power and jitter for each radio as well. Still very immature, but we’ll be able to post some things in a few weeks, I hope.

That would be great. I will post anything I come up with also.

If anyone wants any guidance on the SMS notifications via phone I’d be glad to help. I feel much more comfortable now knowing that if our upstream or backhauls are down that I am still going to know about it no matter where i am and that they are not reliant on an internet connection. If we lose power the monitoring machine should stay up long enough to at least send out the first notification.


we use nagios and since pretty much the whole tech staff uses firefox we use the nagios plugin which really comes in handy.