Name Change Causes Reboot

Changing the name of a PMP450 AP in cnMaestro seems to cause a reboot.  That does not seem like a good thing too me.  Is there a way to avoid this?

Please add this to the Ideas section, add the PMP label and link back to it here so others may vote on it.  Rebooting after a configution update is determined by the device itself.  The label with help the PMP team see this and prioritize.


"userParameters": {
 "location": {"siteName": "${SiteName=Device Name}"}
"configFileParameters": {
	"rebootIfRequired": false,
        "setToDefaults": false
"swVersion": "CANOPY 16.1.1 SM",
"cfgFileString": "Canopy configuration file",
"cfgFileVersion": "1.0"

Parameters within configFileParameters are for use when uploading files directly to PMP devices, not via cnMaestro.  In some older device firmware versions there have sometimes been issues when using these options.

However, as a work around to use outside of cnMaestro this may work.

At the VERY least a warning that this will cause a reboot.