Names not saving (Bug Report)

It appears after a couple of attempts to change the name of some E400 devices in Maestro, Maestro still reverts their names back to the previous name.  IE: I changed the AP named Eastland 3 to it's new name, AP3_CD_North, and it will change, then the next time I log in it is back to Eastland 3.

Are any events or alarms being logged against the device after you attempt to change the name?  What firmware version are your devices running?

1.6.1-r3 is the current FW on the device.  Maestro doesn't show any major alarms.  Shows a few disconnects here and there, but wouldn't think that would case a name change in the device.

If you go to the device dashboard and click the refresh button, does the name update to the new one?  On the actual device web GUI is device showing the old or new name?

Refresh does not work for fixing the name in Maestro.  In the device GUI it's the old name.  However, if I change the name in the device GUI, and refresh Maestro, it will then show the correct name.  I'll check to see if this holds.  It appears the issue is in modifying the device name in Maestro, and then saving that information to the unit from Maestro.

If you configure from cnMaestro again, please capture the device syslog and get the device configuration file and send them to jordan.stipati [at]  The syslog might say if the device reverted or even recieved the config update.  The device config file may show if the new hostname is being appended or not.

Ok, thanks Jordan, I'll take a look at it.