Naming R201?

This may seem like a stuipd question but is there a way to name the device?  This way if you log into the GUI remotly you can see whose defice it is.  Like Smith, John Home.  I see that in cnMaestro you can name the defice but that seems to only keep the name in Maestro.


Not a stupid question. A good question.  we are planning on implementing the sync of the "friendly name" with the device host name, such that you see the same name when logged in. No exact timelines yet, but it is in the works for hte home router.

On our Enterprise E400, ePMP 1000 Hotspot and the upcoming outdoor E500 you can already do this, and the names are synced.

Yes, this is starting to become crucial. There is a line in the cofiguration file for the host name:

But I can't find a field to change it in the user interface, nor does Maestro look at this field when naming a newly onboarded device. We then have to set a name in Maestro manually for each new router.

What about the SNMP variable "Site Name, " which names Cambium SM's? There's an SNMP tab in the R20x routers as well, but no Site Name field.

I have another post in the Beta section of cnMaestro about this too.

looking forward to the hostname being editable in the gui!!!!!    we use hostnames for everything.

Yes we will have this option getting added in GUI of device in next Software version.

Has this been implemented on the R200 or the R201?

I'm on 1.5.0r12 with a router on 4.3.2 and the device name in Maestro does not get updated based on the host name configured in the router.

As far as I can tell, the hostname in the configuration is still not the hostname provided to the network, nor is it provided to cnMaestro. 

This is a very useful feature for identifying units in DHCP lease tables and on the network. Please see about implementing it soon!

I spoke with Cambium about this at the recent Las Vegas conference. It'd be nice to know if this will be added into the next release.

Working on this with support... they said "the fix will be on 4.4 version and this will be released by January 2018."

I'm definitely looking forward to this. Weeding through DHCP logs filled with "cnPilot R200" will soon be a thing of the past.

Has the software been released? Looking forward to naming devices on my cnPilot R200P.