Narrowing the Beam of the SM

Wherein the current wide beam on SM Units does allow far more noise than what is needed.    Lets face it we do not need more than 6 degrees of beamwidth.   Less would be even better.

With a tighter beamwidth maybe we also could see a higher modulation or longer range??

Which model and frequency of SM are you talking about?

i'd imagine all of them, would be nice to see sm's with narrower beams and higher internal gains thanks to narrow beams

With Force 200, Force 300-25 and 450b High Gain, we have released many SM options that have integrated high gain antennas, with very narrow beam patterns (6-7 degrees).  Hopefully, this addresses your idea sufficiently!

I forgot about this....

In any case I feel that Cambium would be much better served if all of the SM's that are sold have a narrow beam the tighter the better.  

I would also like to point out that Cambium leaves a lot of RF Power on the Table unused which I guess is ok if you have a quite noise floor however when you are running a 180 MHz Channel it would be nice to max out the S/N and the Moduation for Max Thruput.

We are going to have to stand up to the service levels that the New Starlink service can provide and I don't wish to run to the bottom customer.

I see you are in the United States. I would like to understand which frequency bands you are referring to... and which of the Cambium products. We always try to maximize the use of Tx Power and antenna gain as best as possible (within the regulatory limits of course).