NAT Mode VLAN ID for Customer Traffic?

I am trying to run my management VLAN on the default VLAN (id 1) and put my customer's public traffic on VLAN 13  using an SM (v3.5.2 force-200) in NAT mode.

If I put my public IP on the wireless interface, set up the "separate wireless management interface" to have my internal management IP and assign VLAN 1 to this interface, is there a way to tag the NAT'ed customer traffic leaving the wireless interface with VLAN 13 so as to keep management and customer separated?

Can this be accomplished by just enabling "VLAN (Data)" and setting it's "VLAN ID" to 13?

I'm hoping to avoid deploying an additional piece of gear at this customer location....

As far as I know, yes.

You may want to try it on the bench to make sure it behaves how you expect it though.

Thanks! That helped a bit. It turns out that just setting the Data VLAN and **NOT** enabling the management VLAN allowed the management VLAN to be on VLAN1 untagged. When I enabled the management VLAN and set it to 1, it was only accessible when tagged at the switch. (Which makes some sense). The config commands in the CLI were a little confusing as the mgmtVLANID is the Data VLAN, and mgmtIFVID is the management VLAN ID...