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This is regarding the NATing feature available in SM.

What should be the RF Public Network Interface IP Address and the NAT Public Network Interface IP Address in the Advanced Network Configuration Pages on SM?

Can RF Public Network Interface IP Address and NAT Public Network Interface IP Address be same?

For Example, I have my own private network spanned over 5 APs and 18 SMs. I am using 192.168.0.x/24 IP Address Range. When I implement NATing over one of the SMs, I give 172.16.1.x as the NAT Private Network Interface IP Address. What should I give as my RF and NAT Public Network Interface IP Addresses?

I tried with keeping RF and NAT Public Network Interface IP Addresses same. But, I am getting ping loss from the remote site to the central site after doing NATing.

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For our RF we use 10.22.x.x

Hi! Denis,

RF address has nothing to do with NAT.The RF address on the SM would be built/populated automatically by AP.

When u enable Gateway remember to set Gateway on PCs on that SM network to use the SM ethernet Ip .

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Also did u get that VLAN thing…? if yes can u send to me at



Also i feel that part of PCs could be infected by virus .Since u put gw in pc after doing NAT on SM , all such viruses pickup gw & jam the network & that could be the reason of ping loss…

From experience, the RF Public INterface and the NAT Public Interface IP addresses CAN NOT be the same. This will cause major problem with your NAT. I spent a lot of time findig this out.

There are two options - one, give the two interfaces different addresses (possibly different subnets) or disable the RF Public Interface (which is what I have done). The only downside to the second option is that you will not be able to access the SM directly over the air. You will only be able to access it locally (wired) or via the AP’s LUID access portal.