need advise

i will planned a big network for my customer, we will use ptp650, but unfortunetly, i found that our network is centraled in one place… (7 radios ptp 650) i wanna know, if like that our network network, are we need a CMM? what type cmm we need if we use all ptp 650?

Deploying multiple PTP link masters at the same location is a common application.  There are three aspects to this:

1. Power.  recommendation is to use one AC+DC Power Injector per PTP master

2. Data.  layer 2 switch provided by operator

3. SYNC.   TDD synchronization is recommended.  With teh PTP 650, TDD Synchronization is done using the PTP -SYNC module (see picture below).  

Much more detail on this is available in the PTP 650 User Guide.






Bruce beat me to it.  User guide can be found at and below is an excerpt regarding TDD Sync.

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