Need bigger backhaul -- Suggestions?

We’re looking at wireless delivery for our backhaul and we were wondering what others were using and happy with. We’re looking at a 40-mile link with initial capacity of 45Mbps symmetrical as our starting point. Any suggestions, success stories, horror stories, etc. are welcome.


I have had great luck with the TrangoLink 45, however the most I get through my links is 30/10.

They are well priced, I picked up two links for $1900 each when they were on sale.

Yep, I’ve used them and the price is great, but I’d need one each direction. I need 45M symmetrical.

Thanks, for the feedback, though. :slight_smile:

Have you considered the PTP600… we have links running at 120Mb full duplex over 20 miles.

The link HAS TO ENGINEERED correctly otherwise it will not be stable.

EXALT are good, they are more robust as they dont use a modulation as high as the PTP600 and hence need a smaller C/N ratio, they only operate in one pole where as PTP operate in both… but the trade off is that they use alot of spectrum for their channel…

distance is not an issue… the correct dishes will need to be insalled. We have a 95km link over water PTP400 — solid as a rock

you might want to check in on Dragonwave gear The airpair flex can run from 10-500mbps full duplex. You can also look into the Airpair 50, 100, or 200. They have gear that runs in licensed 11-38ghz and unlicensed 24ghz.

Even Trango has Licensed Backhauls now. I think 6-36Ghz rangeing in speed as well

if money is an issue, consider Mikrotik. We use them for our two full duplex connections.

look for the nstreme2 setup. Ping times are amazing!

I am also looking for bigger BH. I am considering:
trango licensed 156mbps
SAF licensed CFIP 100 mbps

Next week I am testing a 6 mile link with PTP600 and 2’ antennas. The problem is -75dbm noise floor…

You also try AIRAYA’s new full duplex radio’s. Operates in 5.2 and 5.7

I Recommend the PTP 400’s by far the easiest link to set up and maintain, i have deployed over 35 of these links and even in the noisiest of enviroments i have solid links. my incoming link is running the maximum throughput it can. through a noise floor of -76 on the 5.8 spectrum and a -69 on the 2.4 and -72 on the900 mhz spectrum . i have not had a drop from this link in 1.5 half years now. the ablility to lock out channels is one of the best ways to create a dominate backhaul. i have 6 of these babies mounted on 1 tower all within 25 feet of each other great product (if you go up to the PTP500 and PTP600 the price changes a bit i think i pay 14,000 for the ptp 600) the PTP 400 is cheap at 3,750.

I highly recommend Dragonwave equipment. We have one of their units (I’m not sure which one off hand) they claim it’s capable of a 150mbps full duplex link, and we currently have it running from our 50mpbs fiber connection to our main tower and it is virtually transparent. I mean, other than the slightly higher latency (like 1-2ms), you probably couldn’t tell the difference from our fiber. They might be pricey, but the work well. It says something when major cellular providers use their equipment for backhauling.

We use the PTP400 and PTP 600 backhauls and have had no droputs in 2 years of operation running full modulation, Absolutely astonishing equipment.

nucoles wrote:
We use the PTP400 and PTP 600 backhauls and have had no droputs in 2 years of operation running full modulation, Absolutely astonishing equipment.

The only outages I've experienced with my PTP400s have been loss of power or lightning related. For my critical links I would think to use nothing else.

Luckily we have not experienced anything lightning related. We build our own UPS’s for critical sites using deep cycle marine batteries to last upto 5-7 hours…