Need guidance on solution PTMP shore to ship

Hi Guys,

I am looking for help with this configuration:

We have a port area that has tugboats. These tugboats need wifi for the crew members and they basicaly use it for internet access. 

I was thinking along the lines of having some unit (sectorized) that would cover the area of interest (over water) and I would need some kind of omni device on the boat to receive the signal. 

Distances would be less than 1.5 miles (closer to less that 1 mile)

Density would be 5 tug boats with 3 users per tug.

Obviously the tug would have to have line of site to the main antenna.

Thats one scenario.

The other need for the future would be to replicate this but for the ships that arrive at the port and are anchored in the area. 

This would still be within the 1.5 mile area but they would have more users.. maybe around 30.

I would imagine the solution would be the same in either case.

Thanks for your insights..

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Please check out our Solution paper on this topic at 

I would appreciate your comments on whether this paper helps.

Thats good stuf but I was looking for something simpler..

1 sector antenna with omni subscribers..

Tipical throughput would be 10m per subsriber with at least 3 to maybe 20

Any suggestions would be great


I found this:

Looks like what I am looking for.. Do you have any more info on this install?

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I think you can contact AccessPoint directly at they are in Hungary, but do speak English.