Need Help Locating Zigbee/BLE IoT Functionality in XV2-22H Cambium Access Point

Attention Cambium XV2-22H Access Point Users!

I need your help! I’ve been exploring the features of the XV2-22H Cambium access point, and I’m struggling to find the Zigbee/BLE IoT functionality.

I’ve searched extensively through cnMaestro, the access point’s local browser interface, and even tried navigating through the CLI (Command Line Interface), but so far, I’ve come up empty-handed.

I’m aware that the XV2-22H model is advertised to support Zigbee/BLE IoT functionality, but I can’t seem to locate it for the life of me.

Could anyone who has experience with this access point shed some light on where to find or enable the Zigbee/BLE functionality?

Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

@Obad_Zafar , what is your specific application?
Currently we support BLE location tracking use case. We are working on other IoT applications, but we have not launched anything yet.

Hi @KumarK, Thank you for the response.

Well i need to connect various Zigbee sensors with it, but based on your statement, it appears that while the datasheet indicates support for Zigbee sensors due to the presence of Zigbee radio, the current focus is solely on BLE location tracking. Can you please provide any solution for it?

Obad Zafar