Need Help with 2 mysteries with cambium TX switches

Hi all, really need some help figuring out a couple things…

1st… We took over a tower that was a 24v DC solar site with x2 ubiquiti 5ac Gen 2 Prism and a Powerbeam 5c Gen 2 antenna, all being powered by a Netonix 24v DC switch. The switch began to give some issues so talked with rep, no netonix in stock so they recommended a TX 1012-P-DC. Put the switch in and both Prisms and Powerbeam connected to POE ports set to 24V Passive. Everything looked good but the Prisms began having issues and started getting faults (fault (o0) and overload fault and once Fault 32). So are we looking at that the 24v Passive setting on the switch will not be able to facilitate the Prisms?

2nd… Have a different site running a TX 2012 powering 3 cambium epmp 3000 radios, x1 ubiquiti 620 and x1 force 300 25(used as a PTP backhaul). Everything runs great except the Force 300 25. It is set to Passive 24v (as per cambium). What is happening is that the Force 25 is going offline and power cycling every 3-4 mins, this is confirmed as per maestro showing online time and uptime being the same and logging into the unit after it goes off and back on again shows a 1-2min system uptime. So I know that it is just not losing internet connectivity. Any help would be great!

Anyone? @Cambium?

with the 2nd mystery, I did bypass the poe switch and used a poe injector and have had no issues.